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1. What are the operating hours of the facility?

The operating hours of the facility are Mondays-Fridays from 5:00 am-12:00 am. Weekend and overnight options are available. Contact for details.


2. Where is the facility located?

The facility is located at 73 Purdue Circle in Little Rock, AR.


 3. What meals are provided at the facility?

The children will be  provided with breakfast, (only if children are there before 8:00 am), lunch, and snacks. Children that are in the after hour care will be provided dinner.


4. What is the provider to ratio? 

Provider to child ratio will depend on your child's age.


5. What activities will be provided for the children?

Facility will provide educational time, play time,naps, field trips and numerous other activities.


6. What the ages of enrollment?

Enrollment ages are 6 weeks-12 years of age.


Have any other questions?  You can reach us by email or phone!


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